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Creative Security

"Our institution invested a small fortune on the new cylindrical Mac Pros.

Given that they would be installed in our student accessible computer labs — we needed a means of securing them.

Thus — we decided to test out the “Mac Pro Lockdown”.

We were extremely pleased with our demo, and decided to purchase the “Mac Pro Lock” enclosures.

The enclosure is extremely well engineered, rugged and secure — and simple to install onto any table or surface you desire. 
They can be keyed the same, in lots or individually - your choice.

It’s an elegant design — providing an unobstructed view and access to all the ports available on the new Mac Pro.

The enclosure’s design blends in very well with Apple’s new Mac Pro.

Our Staff, Students and Faculty are very pleased with our decision!"


Technical Manager, IT Service Operations - Rhode Island School of Design




The Apple Mac Pro is built for creativity on an epic scale, and at prices of £3299 each a secure Mac Pro is essential for any business that invests in these radical yet completely logical units.

This unique system needs a unique security solution, so we have developed the Mac Pro Lockdown.

For under £185, supplied and fitted* we can secure you Mac Pro systems, enabling your creative spark to stay lit.

Mac Pro Lockdown
This unique security solution will not only stop a quick snatch, but will dramatically slow down even the most determined of criminals.
As well as being a high security locking device the Mac Pro Lockdown will prevent the unit being knocked off the desk, resulting in accidental damages.
The unobtrusive design will not look out of place in any working environment and does not impede on precious desk space.
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