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I recently read a great article on the ever-changing landscape of the “internet of things” (IoT) detailing how our everyday lives are incorporating internet connected devices and our homes are becoming more connected than identical twins on their birthday.

Whether it's as a social media fiend or a Netflix streaming addict, it’s fair to say that we’re online more than we’ve ever been. But it’s not just us humans who are constantly hooked into the internet. Increasingly, seemingly inanimate objects are connecting to the web and adding new handiness to our lives. But how could such simple household devices such as doorbells benefit from an internet connection? And whats to be gained from an internet-connected home? As with most consumer tech trends , it’s the smartphone that opens up the potential for these IoT devices. For example, with your smartphone in your pocket and a connected video doorbell, you can see who’s calling at your house, even if your not in. Clearly there are security benefits to this – especially when the video from your doorbell is being stored in the cloud, encouraging any would-be crooks to give your house a wide berth. It’s also massively convenient. If your online shopping arrives when you’re not in, you can tell the delivery person where to leave the parcel. And if a sales person calls while you’re enjoying yourself in the garden you can send them on their way without getting out of your hammock. Ring is just one firm that’s offering IoT doorbells, and the company also makes internet-connected security cameras, which will alert you when people approach your place. You can set the system to pay attention to specific areas on an easy-to-use app, too. Aside from security, the IoT also has your heating covered-in the form of connected thermostats. While it might seem to you to be the height of laziness to want to adjust your heating without leaving the sofa, you may be more interested in the potential for saving money off your electricity bills. A connected thermostat means you can set your heating to come on when you’re on your way home, so you only use it when you actually need it, saving daily energy use (and cash). However, if the height of laziness appeals to you, consider coupling a connected thermostat with a voice assistant device. “Alexa, turn down the heating” in a sentence that could save you literally tens of steps. The IoT has seen its fair share of hype over the years, but home security and electricity management are two areas where the benefits are tangible for now.

Zeus offer a wide range of residential and commercial smart home security solutions that give you full functionality when you are on the move.

Including our Full HD Indoor IP Camera, full pan/tilt with speaker and microphone. Ideal for pet lovers who want to speak to their furry friends through an easy to use app on their mobile device.

If you would like more information or to arrange a free site survey call 0121 285 9111 or email:

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